A year ends, a year begins…

Wow. What a long time it has been since I last posted to And what have I done in the meantime? I’ve been back to Norfolk to see my family, experienced the wonders of Christmas, seen Return of the King, watched ten hours of videos with my little brother, watched the snow come down and get washed away, struggled through lots of music television, had my first frank conversation with my little brother about being gay, opened and given lots of gifts, battled back to London via bus and train, gone back to work for a few days before late-night driving off to Cornwall for New Year with a selection of friends and friends of friends wherein was had much late-night drinking, (indoor) swimming, fondue-ing, walks in the wet and the dark, eating of beef and roaming around. Since I last posted I’ve travelled about eight hundred miles in total, including trips to Penzance for shopping, Newquay for boots and Bath for Sally Lunn’s. I’ve driven through Indian Queens, passed by Splatt and circumnavigated Pityme. I’ve also read a lot of The Social Life of Information (more on how much I want to burn that particular waste of headspace later), thought a lot about Tivo and Social Software, played a lot of Knights of the Old Republic and both been bought and bought for others some of the most wonderfully entertaining porcelain cups I’ve ever seen. All in all, an eventful and entertaining couple of weeks.

Next up is trying to get my head together to start a new project at work (interesting one this – should have really positive, interesting and coincidentally weblog-friendly effects on BBC Radio sites), trying to assemble my thoughts for a conference at Olympia in a couple of month’s time, trying to work out whether to propose a participant session for this year’s ETCon (which I’m still hoping I’m going to attend), while apparently also trying to score maximum points on self-created, self-destructive and highly non-fun-for-all-the-family games like, “How quickly and effectively can I alienate everyone I work with?”, “Be an arse!” and “How fat, weird and bearded can one man become?”. What did you guys get up to?

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Sounds like someone has a bad case of “life” … ho ho ho! Buck up, old boy. Stiff upper lip, eh wot. One can get much weirder and fatter and more bearded than you! (I think you’re cute, even.)

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