Are there gay people at ETCON?


So first things first, after considerable soul-searching and fiddling around with finances I’ve found a way to go to Emerging Tech this year to cheer on my BBC other half’s paper: Glancing: I’m OK, You’re OK. Last year the conference completely blew me away and acted as fuel for one of the most creative periods in my working life to date (although unfortunately not all of that creativity ended up being expressed coherently or in the public domain). Hopefully this year’s conference will be just as good…

One thing that I found last year that I wasn’t expecting was how many like-minded people I met – or if not like-minded, how many people there I felt comfortable around. I felt that I understood their world-view even if I didn’t understand anything else that came out of their mouths. That got me thinking about what particular elements or lifestyle attributes we had in common – and that in turn made me thing about all the things things that we might not have in common – and that in turn led me to think about whether or not these events are bastions of heterosexual maleness and whether many of the people present might be gay. So as a result of that, I’m putting a kind-of poll into the field to see if there are going to be any gay people at ETCon this year that would like to get together at some point for a drink and a chat.