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‘Basic Washing?’ So you won’t be using Pantene for this then? ‘Twice as shiny’? Not quite as odd as the latest Lucozade ads claiming that ‘Lucozade have redesigned water’… Redesigned water?! Redesigned water?!! What, wasn’t it shiny enough? Wasn’t it thirst-quenching enough? Wasn’t it wet enough? What next, Nike redesigning the human foot?

Well, it’s worse than that, isn’t it? A fire is once as hot as it is. Tomorrow, you can make a fire that it twice as hot. Twice as shiny logically means that Pantene makes it twice as shiny as Pantene does. So, if you wash your hair with Pantene every day for a fortnight, it will be 8,192 times as shiny as the first time. Literally, brilliant.

Most of the adverts do not make sense of what they are talking….at times its just a blind sense of competetion that drives these inane concepts…its upto the discerning customer to decide…. quite sadly, there are a few of those discerning people around :o)

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