On Pets TV and working wallpaper…

From behind the mediaguardian registration wall comes this wonderful little weird nugget of BBC-ness:

Pet TV is a service digital viewers can access by pressing the interactive red button on their remotes, for a week-long run from Saturday May 1. It is being billed by the BBC as an attempt to find out what sort of TV programmes, sounds and images animals respond to. The interactive TV service will consist of a looped series of images and sounds, including clips of snooker balls rolling across the green baize, frisbees flying through the air, cat toys and cartoon characters such as Top Cat. The service will also offer clips from more traditional TV fare, such as EastEnders, Neighbours, The Muppet Show and Animal Hospital. Pet TV can be tried out on dogs, cats, birds and even fish, according to the BBC.

Not quite sure what I think of in terms of how entertaining pets might find it, but it could be ideal ambient TV wallpaper. I’m thinking of having it on all the time…

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We used to have a cat video, which sounds very similar – lots of looped clips of moving objects, strange computer-generated patterns and voyeuristic scampering mouse action, accompanied by beeps and bloops and swanny whistles, the whole thing repeating every twenty minutes or so.
It’s completely non-ambient and will drive you insane.

Lot’s of strange pet related things seem to happen at the BBC, take this email my girlfriend received for example (sirnames removed):
—–Original Message—–
From: Stuart
Sent: 23 April 2004 11:11
To: Karen
Subject: Sport Relief
Hi Karen,
John and Stuart in the BBC safety office suggested I talk to you about a project we are planning as part of this summer’s Sport Relief campaign.
The theme of the campaign is Go The Extra Mile, tying in with the 50th anniversary of Roger Bannister’s four-minute mile.
As part of this, we are looking to have a gerbil in a cage with a pedometer fitted to his wheel to record how far he runs during the campaign. This would also have a webcam attached so people can check his progress and even predict how far he will travel.
I really need some advice on dealing with animals in thw workplace and believe you are the designated carer for the Blue Peter rabbit?
Is there any chance we could have a chat at some point, as I’d welcome your advice on issues including purchasing the animal and finding a place for him to live.
Kind regards
Project Manager
Sport Relief interactive

In a spooky coincidence moment earlier today, I first read this post as I sat in our office listening across the corridor to someone enthusing their team about this particular service.
But it’s OK, because I actually *lost the will to live* when I overheard the conversation, rather than when I read your post.

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