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Lunatic Tebbit blames "buggery" for fatness…

The new caring version of the Conservative party doesn’t inspire that much faith in me. I know they’re all multicultural this and “ooh happy gay people” that, but all it really takes is someone like Lord Tebbit to pull back the Transylvanian’s cape to reveal the genuine sentiments of the Old Guard Tories. On the Thursday morning edition of the Today programme, Lord Tebbit says the cause of obesity is “buggery” (RAM). Having said that the cause of obesity is directly the consequence of a decline in family life he continues:

And the government is pursuing the break down of family life. We’ve had one thing after the other… In the House of Lords at the moment we’ve got this gay marriage bill at the moment – that doesn’t help – and we’ve not only got an epidemic of obesity … we’ve got a huge problem of AIDS and the government’s attitude is to do everything it can to promote buggery – the two are somewhat intimately connected!

Weirdly we’re left with Boris Johnson having to save the day and say, “I don’t think you can really say that gay marriage is responsible for obesity, with the best will in the world…”

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That’s hilarious. Sodomites of the world unite! We have thin people to inflate! Now there’s a mental image…
Does this mean that all the fat people we see around the place these days are real goers in bed?

I’d just like to point out that Tebbit is well known for his out-spoken opinions on pretty much everything (remember the “get on your bike” idea for the unemployed?) and he doesn’t speak for the whole of the Tory party or even the majority.
With regards to Tim’s comment, blaming Saddam Hussain has nothing to do with the Conservatives (capital ‘C’, seeing as we are referring to the party rather than the very generalise political view point).

Yep, gay marriges is why people go stuff their faces in saturated fat. And saturated fat is why so many people have Aids? ARE there any SMART polititians? Maybe I could run…

Two thoughts immediately spring to mind:
1) I’m a bit podgy, but have never indulged in a spot of buggery. Is there something I’m not telling myself?
2) The Hon Nicholas Soames MP. Hmmm.

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