What's Tom been up to?

So work’s still going a bit nuts and I have no time at all. It should all be over soon (couple of weeks max), then I’ll be throwing myself back into the world more than ever. In the meantime, a few little catchups from the few things I’ve managed to get done outside the BBC.

I went to see Harry Potter on Monday with my younger brother and bloody Cory who did his ‘taking photos of the “don’t take photos” sign’ thing to general hilarity from the rest of the auditorium. Again. And – of course – the Englishman dies quietly of shame inside (but it wouldn’t have been the same without him). Personal verdict – still flawed, but better than anything else in the rest of the series so far. Four stars. Well done to all involved etc.

And on Wednesday night, I finally got to see the Pixies in concert at Brixton Academy. It was a dream come true in many ways – and one of the most tight, sharp and systematically well assembled concerts I’ve ever been to. But it was also a slightly sad experience I think – tinged somehow with the fact that I’ve worn all the songs to the bone with repeated listening. Looking on the stage it looked a bit like Frank Black and Kim Deal felt pretty much the same way…

This weekend I’m planning to detox a bit tomorrow and generally get my head in order – maybe teach myself some more Illustrator to stop myself going nuts with thinking about the web. And of course I’ll be at NotCon on Sunday, as indeed should you be.

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I’ll be missing the Pixies reunion (they’re playing some megashow with the Chili Peppers here and it costs an arm and a leg so thank you but no thank you) but I won’t be missing fellow Bostonites and also newly-reunited Mission of Burma when they pass through Dublin in a few weeks time. Though I am a Pixies fan, I have a sneaking suspicion the Burma show will be much more fun anyhow.

I really don’t care for the Harry Potter series but I must admit that I WANT to see this one because they smartened up and acquired Alfonso CuarĂ›n to direct. I have admired him since I saw Little Princess and he summarily ripped my heart out. He should of been directing the entire series, (I think Chris Columbus is a terribley boring director)

A four? Are you on drugs, in love, or are these just confessions of a dangerous mind?
I’m not sure how to grasp it. You’re the last one I was expecting that from, Tom. I’ll see the movie. With a plasticbag over my head. Ciao!

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