Notes from NotCon: Introduction

So it’s Sunday morning at 11.30am and I’m going to start taking notes of the goings-on at NotCon. Probably the best way to describe the feel of the place so far is that it’s somewhere between the sensation of being at ETCon and how I felt when I went to a Doctor Who convention in Norwich aged around fourteen. The organisation is refreshingly haphazard (the Geolocation panel is supposed to start in about four minutes time and they’re still assembling the stage and trying to work out how to project computer screens onto a paint encrusted theatrical backdrop), and the cost of entry (at around £4) is around a five hundredth of what it costs for an Englishman to get to its (perhaps slightly more distinguished) American analogues.

NotCon has two concurrent streams across two rooms – one is on the ground floor and is completely full as of this moment. The other is on the second floor, marked by a succession of hand-scrawled notes and is almost completely empty.

My current plans for the day (should anyone care) are:

  • 11.40 – 12.30pm Geolocation (2nd Floor)
  • 12.30 – 1.30 Hardware (Ground Floor)
  • 2.00 – 2.50 Brewster Kahle (GF) or Mashups and MP3s (2nd)
  • 3.00 – 4.00 Social Software (2nd)
  • 4.30 – 5.20 Blogging with a point (GF)
  • 5.30 – 6.20 Peer-to-peer review (2nd)

I’m going to try and keep some rough notes of what’s going on over the day as and when I can, but no promises (it looks like power sockets are going to be hard to come by today and my Powerbook is a hungry beast).

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So, here we are
So NotCon is settling down nicely. Tom Coates’ initial-thoughts description is great and sums it up nicely. It’s both techier and friendlier than I thought, but it means that the talk is either going to go much better or much…

I made it to NotCon late – just after the sold out of tickets (their insurance or similar only allowed for 300 people), so I ended up hanging out with friends in the courtyard all afternoon drinking cheap beer.
But I did hear the Brewster Kahle talk as it was broadcast via loudpseaker in to the courtyard (along with others, but I was busy drinking during those). What an amazing guy – I had heard about the Bookmobile before, and, obviously, but I didn’t realise the same guy was largely behind both. And is expanding rapidly. (Indeed, they’re looking for a Tech Director to run their European operations in Amsterdam, although that job isn’t currently on their site. Petabyte databases on massive Linux clusters with gigabit ethernet connections sounds mighty fun for the right person).
I hope someone took notes on that and posted them online somewhere…
I was given a NotCon badge sticker thing later in the day. I was Ian from Oxford Uni. w00t!

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