Ben and Mena come to London…

So Ben and Mena and Loic have been in London for meetings and a few of us managed to get together and hang out with them for a bit. We’ve got Ben drinking warm flavoursome beer, Mena puffing away on cigarettes in pubs and Loic’s been trying to run over small children with his push trolley. We even got to roam around Television Centre with them a bit today – Mena making a particularly fetching weather presenter.

Loic took some pictures too:

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It was a pleasure being corrupted by you Londoners. In these past six days, I’ve smoked my first cigarette (or 2), flew a plane and rode a motorcycle for this first time in my life (through the rainy streets of Paris, no less). Europeans know how to live.
I hope that fetching comment isn’t being too sarcastic.

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