Phil Gyford's in the Guardian…

Much-loved weblogger, ex-colleague, dim-sum consuming, ultra-tall super-geek Phil Gyford got a well-deserved high-five today from the Guardian today in the online supplement (Man of the Moment). Much deserved, old chap! You are the r0X0r!

“It hadn’t really bothered me until it launched and everyone kept telling me what a big commitment it was,” he says. At the O’Reilly Emerging Technologies Conference last year, Clay Shirky, the respected web expert, said that he realised weblogs had a future because of Gyford’s 10-year commitment to the Pepys site. He seems taken aback that others might look to him as a shining example as what is good about the internet, but his admirers are legion. “Phil’s one of the few people in this industry who produces much more than he promises; the complete opposite of the loud new media bullshitter,” says one friend. “He not only has the savvy to understand and build complex projects … but the motivation to see them through and keep them going for years.”

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