San Francisco, baby…

Ping. Now in San Francisco after cool drive with fun people in which I mostly slept and pointed at wind farms and acres of densely packed cows. Had subsequent great fun at the SixApart Mixer thing where I met loads of people – some for the first time, others not. Looked slightly nervous around some people who do really good work. Touched a couple of them without them noticing (or at least without them calling the police – hey Doug!). Got a free USB dongle thing and saw the 3.1 release of MT which doesn’t seem overly dramatic at first but kind of sits in the back of your head and wiggles its tush in the direction of interesting things. Cab back to Leslie’s place – talking about The O.C. and TV shows in general when I get to pull out my trump card – super-secret super-cool thing that made Leslie go oooooh. Don’t think I’m going to make it to LobbyCon now though. Shame!

I’m quite enjoying not taking this weblog as seriously as normal for a few days. It feels pretty liberating, although possibly not very productive or good in the longer term. God knows what it’s going to be like going back to London. I can already feel it on the horizon and must confess am vaguely dreading it.

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