So what shall I do today?

So I’m in San Francisco. It’s 9am. What shall I do today?

Thought around 11am: There are lots of films I would love to see and I am pretty wiped out after Los Angeles… Maybe one of these would be a ncie way to spend the early afternoon? Collatoral, Alien vs. Predator, Bourne Supremacy, Manchurian Candidate, The Village, I, Robot. Or I could go book-shopping. I want to get that copy of All The President’s Spin that I saw on Jon Stewart last night. And I’d like to go down to Kid Robot and look around there. And I really fancy some good seafood (been obsessed with fresh shrimp ever since we stopped off on the way back from Malibu the other day). And I need more T-shirts.

1pm: Oooh – The San Francisco Apple Store is really awesome. It looks like someone dumped an enormous Apple box in the middle of the street and filled it with lovely lovely shiny mac-related products. I’m going to have a quick explore around here and see if I can get my iPod a new case. Then I think off to the Metreon to look at film times. God you guys must be fascinated. This stuff is pure weblog gold…

5pm: So I just went to see The Village and goddam it if I didn’t think it was pretty okay actually. I mean I think I had the twist spoiled for me a bit by a stray comment I heard the other day, but generally pretty watchable. And now I’m in the Starbucks over the road trying to work out what to do next! Will it be Aliens vs. Predator? Or a bit of shopping? Or a bit of a walk? It’s all so terribly exciting…

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If you’re hungry, you could go have brunch at Zazie in Cole Valley (just south of the Haight).
If you’ve never been there, I’d also try to visit Dave Eggers’ Pirate Store at 821 Valencia in the Mission. It’s one of my favorite places to take people from out of town, and it seems like something you’d like.

1. The Child: Works by Gottfried Helnwein at the Legion of Honor
2. Breakfast at the Pork Store (Haight or 16th Street)
3. Geisha: Beyond the Painted Smile at the Asian Art Museum
4. Try and find all the “Hearts in San Francisco” that are littering our streets.
5. Get Leslie to put you to work.

I recommend the Metreon, it’s a good cinema. Be sure to visit Ocean Beach (take the N from Market and ride all the way to the end of the line). Also be sure to spend some time in the Castro (no, really – it’s the most civilised part of the city). And please don’t stop with the less serious posts – truth be told, your normal postings, while interesting, tend to induce slight drowsiness!

Tom, if you want company, I would very much enjoy seeing the Geisha exhibit, riding out to the beach and/or taking you around my lovely neighborhood, the Castro. Just find me in AIM or drop me a note.

My recommendation is for a late afternoon foccacia (sausage is the best) at Marios which is in North Beach right on the corner near Washington Square/Park. It is without a doubt the BEST foccacia I have ever eaten…with a half caraf of house red its a great way to spend some time.

I really liked the Villiage. Contrary to what most people seem to think, I thought Sixth Sense was really kind of boring, but really liked Unbreakable. Signs wasn’t bad (some pretty scary parts).
I really liked the mood of this movie. I already new the ending going into it (I actually thought it was based upon a book I read in 5th grade with a similar plot when I first read the summary online, but they never mentioned it, although I still thought they may throw that in anyway ó plus I got confirmation from a family member who saw it) so maybe that’s why I liked it and other’s didn’t ó they were expecting some big shocker ending which never came.
The creature’s were absolutely terrifying just in appearance if you ask me, and I jumped in my seat when the first one walked under the tower (something I don’t usually do in movies). I also loved how he did the stabbing scene ó how it’s completely silent, and at first you think he’s looking at Noah waiting for response, then just as you realise he’s been waiting a little too long, and then notice his stare is a little too blank, you see the knife.

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