Links for 2004-12-10

  • My GamerTag stats for Halo 2 I’m Orlando II, by the way. You may have noticed I’m not positng that much at the moment. I’ve just lost two evenings to 50 games against American teenagers who call people “Faggot” a lot… Wankers. Good game though…

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Sorry, it’s a bit of a sideways comment, but what interested me lots was the fact I looked at this link using Mac/IE and was told I was viewing it via a “downgraded display” – on further investigation/clicking it seems that this Microsoft-run site suggests everyone should be using Safari, not their own IE 5….
Simon x

Just keep saying how everything is “awesome” – it really winds them up. Winding up Americans on Halo 2 (or any XBox Live game) is what makes it fun… gamertag: goatforce5

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