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Note: Tremendously Off Topic.
I stumbled into your site with a kind of googley-eyed blindness because I noticed your appreciation for the distinction between Pirates and Ninjas. I think you should know that it is not a rosy co-existance between these two very different factions. I show you as exhibit A this very disturbing example:
(note: s’a flash file. Givit a sec to load. S’worth it.)
Cheers, Pirates, & Ninjas,

I find that incredibly hard to believe that the British public watch more tv… Since I moved to the UK it seems to have only gone downhill! Maybe more people have got cable??

It’s OK if you like celebrities building a dream makeover house in the sun, while castaway on a property ladder and being too posh to wash the garage sale during a bargain hunt life swap at the Airport.
Oh. And why did they cancel the Late Show if all they were going to do was commission the Culture Show five years later?
Mutter. Grumble…

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