Old news: Bloggies…

What else is going on? Er… Well, The Bloggies are up for nominations again – of all the weblog awards these are the ones that I think most accurately reflect the community that I know and understand, even though I’m a bit fatigued by even these least dodgy and most attractively low-key of community awardages.

Normally I would be standing up here and making a passionate case for why I deserved to be queen of blogworldia this year, because it’s fun to be queen, it’s trivial as all buggery and because certain categories are basically really fun to be nominated in (the gay category is always a shit-flinging bitchfight to the death, even though Ernie always wins it each and every year). Realistically, though, I’m not sure that I could stand up and say hand-on-heart that my site’s been terribly interesting or useful or fun this year. I think work’s kind of colonised my life a bit and my site’s suffered. But nonetheless, if you’ve taken a few too many diet pills this evening and are feeling particularly buzzy in the mind, then you could always nominate for ‘Best British or Irish Weblog’, ‘Best Computers and Technology Weblog’, ‘Best weblog written by a gayer’ or whatever. Lifetime achievement would be nice too, except realistically someone needs to give that one to Haughey or Blood already….

To be honest, if there’s any value in these competitions whatsoever it’s in weblog discovery – helping people out there find some new unexpectedly awesome people to read about, interact with and hang out with online. So whether or not you want to participate in the damn thing, can I recommend at the very least you go and acquaint yourselves with some of the following sites and services:

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I swear, if I even so MUCH as get nominated for best homo blog of the year, I’m going to create some kind of gay multi-bracketed death tournament for gay blogs, have them battle it to the end, and then give them my plastic gold crown and gay mardi gras beads. Seriously.

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