The iPod Shuffle and some entertaining cultural differences…

Just a brief note: the iPodShuffle was one of the products released today by Steve Jobs and the Apple team. It was long-rumoured and kind of makes sense in a do people really want something that can only take that much music? kind of way. Fundamentally it’s a USB thumb-drive with a music player in it, and it’s not enormously more expensive than just the thumbdrive alone. So it’s pretty reasonable, all things considered. I won’t be buying one, but hey…

But I was talking to Gavin about it and he pointed out that Apple had been considerate enough to add a little advice to people who might have been confused by its small size if placed too close to a packet of gum. Specifically point two below:

But perhaps what’s even more peculiar is the UK version is very subtly different. I wonder what this says about our national characters:

PS. While I’ve got you here, I just want to whore you over to see what I was hoping for originally from the alleged ‘headless iMac’ and the posts I wrote about potential Apple media hubs.

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The alt tag for the images that the footnote refers to says “chewiing [sic] gum” in the UK, but doesn’t mention chewing in the US.

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Mac mini was the highlight, but Pages and the new Keynote look interesting, iLife 05 is fine, I’m unsure of the HD dominance, DV is still mainstream, but it may catch on, though 2700 pounds for a HD camera is a lot…

Warning: Do not eat iPod Shuffle
A helpful warning from the good people at Apple. I recently got a 1-gig USB flash drive, on sale for about $80. Considering that the new iPod Shuffle handles the same jobs, plus plays music and comes with headphones, etc., $150 (for the gig, only $99 f…

If you swallow it whole, does that mean it’ll still work in your stomach? That way, instead of your stomach rumbling when you’re hungry you could have a bit of Elton John to remind you to get some food, or something.

I heard that the iPod Shuffle now has 73% less carbs than the iPod mini. It’s good to know that Apple looks out for the health of its consumers (pun intended).

ipod shuffle is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of, No screen?!

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