ABC biscuit bundle…

A week or two ago I put out an appeal for my childhood favourite biscuits, and now I have Nico Lumma to thank for the appearance of packet upon packet of the beautiful things. Thanks dude!

Anyway, the consequence of this is – of course – that Paul and I spent a good hour writing rude words in biscuit letters and posting pictures of it all to Flickr. I would ask you to remember that even the most bright and professional of individuals occasionally suffers from loud and aggravating brain-farts and that the polite thing to do would be for you all to feign amusement and wait until the mood passes. I thank you.

There are more – I’m ashamed to say – on my Flickr photostream.

2 replies on “ABC biscuit bundle…”

Hah! Just last night I was thinking of the many ways in which living in Germany sucks (no Jon Stewart, Hitchhiker’s movie in f***ing JUNE etc.) and now I can put the first item on my shiny new ‘pro’ list:
People will beg for your cookies. 😉
I’ve always thought the Bahlsen version couldn’t beat the ‘Original Russisch Brot‘, though.

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