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I have no idea, maybe its the elite-ist pius that a minor of mac users spew. I have not read such a poorly structure, rant, from a so-called “Columnist”. His energy would be better spent praising how good PC’s are, and why Macs are better?
Articles like that, make me want to switch back. I really don’t want to be hated for owning a mac.

I’m with you, Milo.
Why doesn’t everyone use Mac? Because it’s a more restrictive environment, the hardware is more expensive, third party software is much more limited, crap for games, and the over-animated zeal from a minority of users is off-putting to those who see computers as tools not lifestyles. The Macs I have owned and used have never quite attained its much-vaunted super stability, crashing far more than my Windows machines.
On the other hand, Mac is more secure, prettier, extremely well-designed, better for video, higher spec, forward-thinking. But you pay a premium for that, and you restrict yourself in some of the subsequent choices you are able to make.
Why do people choose Windows? Because it does what they want it to and for the price they can afford. Why do people choose Apple? Because it does what they want it to and for the price they can afford.
But people want them to do different things, for different reasons and at different price points. I use both, picking and choosing for what works best on each platform and I’m happy with that.

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