Vivid creepy dreams of alien technology…

I had a dream last night about a beautiful tower that no one could see on a suburban street, and the strange alien called Coypew that lived there. He could see the future so he told parents to euthanise children who were about to suffer terrible deaths by putting them in cars and pushing the cars out into the ocean. It seemed like the best thing to do, and everyone liked him because what he said seemed so right, but that he knew about this stuff made him somehow sickening and vile. Perhaps because he seemed so plausible but there was always the suspicion that he made stuff up but that you had no choice but to believe that what he was saying for the best.

He was a strange stylised round creature about a foot and a half tall with markings like black and white cows – only less symmetrical. He had a pillar-like appliance that sat in the middle of the sitting room. The device seemed to unsheath itself, and the inside looked solid like a rock covered in sea-shells, but I determined that these were just inscrutable objects tightly packed to appear like some kind of solid mass. When Coypew went away he seemed really creepy and disturbing in a way he didn’t when he was close by. Once when he went out, his appliance unravelled its doors and the dog took a bite out of the mechanics inside. The technology came away like a mixture of muscle and cake. And though Coypew didn’t notice, I secretly knew that the pillar would get septic and corrupted and gradually start making mistakes, and become immoral and finally inevitably die. But for some reason I didn’t say anything… I think I wanted them both to go away…

Odd dream, all things considering. But stunningly visual and I could draw most of the things that were in it right now if I could only find a pen and some paper that didn’t have hastily scribbled superheroes on it. Ah, the mind of an over-caffeinated geek.

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And can I just say before anyone else that I’ve read about 2/3rds of everything Freud has ever written and I know that someone’s going to make some kind of lame ‘ooh er’ comments about cocks or something, and it’s not big and it’s not clever, okay? Rather than take the piss why not tell me a bit about your strangest dreams? It would be way way way less dull…

the only dream i can ever remember is a recurring nightmare, where i notice the huge amount of disorder in the universe – but i can see how to fix it and i’m the only one who can fix things. but they are changing, unjoining, breaking and becoming disordered at the same speed i can put things right. however fast i work, i know that i will be just a tiny distance from making everything work, but i know i’ll never reach that point and it’s crushing and heartbreaking but at the same time i know i can’t stop changing things, ever.

I dream quite a bit about aliens, but usually they are less subtle about taking over the world. One of the earliest dreams I can remember involved an alien: he was tall and skinny and had come to Earth to suck the centers out of pennies, leaving them flat and papery-thin. He stood in my parent’s laundry room sucking the centers out of all our pennies, when he saw me. He thought I was a penny and was going to suck me dry.

Well, since you ask…
As with most of my dreams, the one I had last night was intensely vivid, yet almost disappeared the moment I woke up. All I can remember is that myself and some friends had gate-crashed some kind of posh party, and it was all going swimmingly until the arrival of the family’s least favourite pet – a dog-size creature that was made of round stones that crawled on the floor moaning and generally being annoying.
It wasn’t made of jaggedy rocks, like the sufferers of ‘cobbles’ on Look Around You the other night (although, I’m sure that’s where the idea got into my dream), but smooth and pale, with the odd black stripe. A bit like an armadillo, but grey, and stoney.
Anyway, the minute it appeared, everyone lost interest in the party (‘cos it was a boring creature) and we legged it, to somewhere that involved a large flag – or something. It gets a bit hazy after that.

someone i used to work with was a particularly pasty gummy individual who once had a dream that he was standing on a black shiny carpet. when he looked down at the carpet it was moving but he couldn’t work out why so he got on all fours to investigate. when he looked closely the carpet was not carpet at all but a lot of tiny black shiny pigs all tightly squashed together. they looked up at him and they all had his face but black and shiny and they all had big gummy grins.
i was told this over 15 years ago and i’ve never forgotten it… shudder

I’ve occasionally found myself in real life situations that I recognise having dreamed about at some point in the past, a sort of dream deja-vu if you like. One such time even involved a conversation in a car about recurring dreams.
My most persistent recurring dream involved following a black cat down a darkening stair well. It wasn’t a particularly ominous stairwell, just dim and a little shabby with open wooden slats and makes me think of 1970s interior architecture for some reason. As when you’re trying to fly in dreams and you end up doing a sort of floundering space bounce, I could only get so far down before there appeared to be an elastic invisible barrier that refused to let me past. Subsequent dreaming allowed me to gain a few steps, and each time I stopped the cat sat down a little way on and waited expectantly. I’ve not yet reached the bottom of the stairs nor have I had this dream for a while now, but I still wonder where it might take me.
It’s not the strangest dream I’ve ever had – most of those disappear in a vivid technicolour flashes as I’m waking up, but it’s the only one that’s endured in my memory.

My recurring dream revolves around a government building I worked in for many years. Dreamed about it again last night, but always in slightly different circumstances. The dream last night involved an aunt and her children, myself and a rather dubious character from my school days who caused me no end of grief.
We had all broken into this building to eat our Christmas dinner and had decorated the main reception area in a festive theme. There were no chairs, so we ate standing up. The food was slightly off, but I remember enjoying the very large pyramid shaped piece of duck pate that was a nice deep blue colour! At some point I took my shoes off and when I went to put them back on, one of the children had stuffed cigarette ends into the toes, so they did not fit. I went to the toilet to wash my feet and had to get the lift – this is the recurring part – I got stuck in the lift between the fourth and fifth floors.
When someone came to open the doors, each time I went to get out, the doors started to shut. I took about six attempts to get out.
When I returned to everyone else, the food had all been eaten, we had no money, so we went out and earnt some money by washing people’s trams(all orange!) that were parked outside their houses!
I can’t remember ever being stuck in a lift, and I’m not a great fan of older lifts but the dream probably means something.

Whereas I had a dream that the government changed all the traffic lights from red, amber, and green to just red and green. Beat that.

This dream is set sometime in the future – I am guessing 30 years from now. I am living in a futuristic building – I can see from the window that everyone is living in these apartments, (perhaps reflective of the condo boom here in Vancouver).
The apartments are tidy inside – very neat and small – with a good use of space. Everything is beige and white – the windows are spheres, so you can literally walk into the cell and get a full view of the outside, although we are in the future, there is still grass and roads, so we are not in air-mobiles yet. In this dream, I live on the 4th floor.
I sense that something is wrong, and immediately I am filled with dread. I turn on the Radio, but there is no signal. So I go and look out the window, everything looks OK, but there is an ominous feeling – hopeless and terrifying. I still have my current dog, who shares the apartment with me. This is a sort of lucid dream as I feel somewhat conscious and can make rational decisions. I decide to stay put, in my apartment with my dog. Suddenly I sense panic in the building – people are running around and shouting that the aliens are coming, but I know they are already in the building even though I can’t see anything. Somehow, I fell they are coming for me, but I am not too sure if they are actually coming for me or if I am just scared of dying.
I look out the window and there are a few silver objects hovering a few hundred metres from the building. Everyone is panicking, and I have friends in the building so I go to see if they are OK. I catch up with one of them in the hallway, he informs me that we need to go get someone else, and he heads for the elevator. For some reason, the halls are now desolate and dark. I tell him that it isn’t a good idea to use the elevator so we go to the stairwell, up a couple of flights and we get a female. We all go back to my apartment, I am so scared that I want to get bundled up in blankets and pillows and hide under the bed with my dog. There is nowhere else to hide as the apartments are all open concept with well used space. My friends tell me that I am crazy and will be a sitting duck if I do this, I decide to do it anyways as I feel this is the best way to hide.
So I am hiding under my bed, and my front door slides open. I can see feet – brown and prune-like and a long black cloak. There is a foul smell in the air – kind of chemical, I am scared stiff, and so is my dog. I am scared that she will attack, but I can’t say anything to her or the alien will know I am there. It glides across the room, I am peeking out from under by blankets under the bed, it gets down on all fours and seems to concentrate and sniff in my direction. I believe it is trying to pick up my vibration, and I am begging that my heart stops so there is no vibration to be picked up. Its face is only a foot away from mine and I can see only the lower half – the rest s covered with a hood. It looks like a reptile, kind of, no scales on the skin, brown colored, very tight thin lips and a flattened unpronounced nose. The skin hangs from its chin.
It stays near me for a while, trying to find me, but for some reason it can’t sense me – or it doesn’t want me. I feel it is prodding me somehow – mentally – or having trouble figuring me out. What I think it that it is communicating to me that I am in deep, deep trouble. I don’t feel that it can control my mind at all, I am scared stiff, not knowing if I should open my eyes or close them. It knid of makes a growling sound, and I know this is how it prods – kind of like a bat’s sonar – it can understand the returning vibrations. Finally, it leaves my room, and after a while I come out from under the bed. Relieved that I am still alive but fearing what is to come. I know there are more of them in the building.
After a while, I walk over to the window and there are thousands of little silver UFOs in the sky, you can’t even see the blue there are so many and they are just hovering, gathering, waiting. They are like nothing I have ever seen in the movies, not the usual way UFOs are depicted – they don’t look menacing, rather they are kind of cute and puffy – still their presence instills terror in me, I am having a complete panic attack. And I awake!

i’m glad i found this page. i had a vivid dream of an alien encounter, so i did a google search and found this page. reading these great dreams has actually helped me remember some of my own that are very moving to me. so thank you all. that is amazing stuff.
it is a pretty long read compared to most of the posts here, so beware. the dream i am looking for answers on went something like this:
i was in a big big old dark house, with dark wood everywhere, and it was night, and other people were in the house with me (almost like a school outing). there was lots of commotion. but i only remember the end of the dream. i remember that everyone was freaked out because the house was haunted, or had some type of paranormal activity in it.
all of this weird phenomena kept happening, like pictures would have odd symbols suddenly painted on them, the pictures would move or shake, there were loud noises everywhere, near and in the distance, like a thunder storm and clattering and slurred voices, it was all very mashed together and we (I) was in such a panic that i felt like i was always moving very quickly trying to run away but never getting anywhere.
then i remember going to bed in a bedroom that i knew was mine, but i have never seen it before. trying to fall asleep, my bed was next to a low window on the first floor, and my window was open, and a lady came up to the window that i knew was my mom (but didnt look anything at all like her). i waved at her, and she was freaking out, scared, she asked me if i was sleeping ok.
i explained that i sleep fine, except i wake up alot, so its not really satisfying rest. and i asked why? she said that she was on her way back from work, and alot of creepy things are happening to her, for example she talks to people and they think they are someone else, and then as she was explaining all of this, something loud, moving, a presence, sort of grabbed my attention and she just faded away.
that was when i started to hear even more noises again, in the house, under the bed, and i felt the bed move, and i was just trying to ignore it all and pretend it wasn’t happening, but it all became
too much. Right then, i remembered that this girl i know, was in the house too, sleeping just a couple rooms away. i remember thinking that she might have also been hearing the shit and being creeped out, and i thought why should we go through this alone, we can be together, hug, lay together, and it will all be okay.
so i got up and went to the room i somehow knew she was sleeping in, and there i saw a person in bed who i thought was her, and i said “ellie?” “ellie?” and instead, a dude sat up , it was still really dark in there, and he was pissed off at me, and i suddenly knew he was her boyfriend. i forget exactly what he said but he was pissed off that i was looking for her, because he knew i wanted her.
he was telling me to go look for my mommy instead, and that ellie didn’t wanna talk to me. and he was so mad that he punched the sheets, except he accidentally punched her. Because then i noticed she was laying next to him under the covers. And she sorta woke up for a second. i was just really confused and i was trying to calm the dude down , cause he looked like a little gremlin, he was evil looking.
but then i am startled by a feeling of a presence, i turn to look at the door and there is something there. its really hard to describe. i see like a big long white knife (like a scythe) and a gun, or a black object floating, as if an invisible person is holding it, but at the same time i also remember seeing something holding it, but it was like a 2 dimensional cardboard cut-out of the grim reaper. it had no color if that makes any sense, it wasn’t white or black or clear. it was just there.
so it was invisible and at the same time not. and it was trying to get ME and that really drove me over the edge. i turned back into the middle of the room and looked at the guy and yelled “what the hell is going on! what is this all about?!” but there was too much noise and commotion to even understand if he said anything in return.
then this invisible creature with the gun and knife was at my back, leaning over me, because it was taller than me, it felt like a cartoon, but it was digging the big long blade into my shoulder/arm/hand, it was very painful, and pressing the black object(possibly a gun?) into my other arm.
this whole time there were noises, i don’t know what, but its all very loud like theres a storm outside,like the buildings falling apart, like screaming, yelling, i dont know, but all of that mashed into one.
Then with this thing attacking me, i start to feel paralized, i’m stuck i cant move, but i still feel the pain of the blade cutting me, and then its doing something with my hands, and my hands start to shake uncontrollably and not only shake but vibrate, and move in violent “wave” patterns, like a super fast shockwave ripple is sent through them.
and in that instant I feel like i am Possessed, im completely paralized, i hear a deep voice, and realize the voice is coming out of me,
although not of my volition, but i can feel it going through my voicebox and out of Me (not necessarily through my mouth, it feels like it just comes out of me all over).
its a loud booming deep demonic voice that says “I’M GOING TO EAT YOU” or something very similar. the exact words might have been “I’m going to consume you”. either way, i felt that it was actually some force telling this TO ME, and yet through me. i am beyond freaking out.
at this point there is no more bedroom really, no more people. i remember seeing glimpses of the floor but thats about it, the rest is darkness and weird streaks of lights and loud noises all around.
so immediately after the voice, i hear the booming, droning sound of something like a giant electric ray beam (imagine the sound of a Lightsaber but booming, deep and constant) and at the same time, i feel my head leaning back and my feet lifting off the ground, i have no control of my body still, this just happens to it. and im slowly being leaned back into horizontal, and lifted up to the ceiling, which is barely even there anymore. then i notice the big green and blue beam of light that i’m stuck in, just like the alien abduction movies. it’s coming from above and slowly sucking me up.
i start to feel my body get lighter and lighter as its moving up in this beam, and i also start to hear and see other things and i remember suddenly starting to feel CALMED, like a Rush of Relaxation just comes over me. I see a glimpse of the pale grey-skinned face of an alien with big black eyes looking down on me, but its so hazy. i hear the fleeting noises of tools, and operation room machines perhaps, the memory of it is fuzzy, as though i can only remember waking up from it like waking up from surgery, or catching a blink of it while it is occuring. green is all over my vision, the faint noises of power tools, drills, metal scraping, shuffling noises.
or thats how i perceived it. but mostly i just remember colors, nice soothing colors taking over my whole visual field, green fading into blue, into dark blue, and i start to see little yellow sparks all over the blue , and i somehow understand or believe that this is my body, because at the same time i feel my body disintegrating into millions of little pieces, and its not a bad feeling, its a profound feeling obviously but at that point “i” am just amazed and shocked by it all. i felt like i was just a single point of perception, i had no body or self, i was just THERE floating, and i remember clearly the image of the sparks spreading out more and more and moving up, out and away from me, and i remember the background color morphing to red, with swirls of soft colors, and then the sparks started to turn and spiral and leave trails behind them and i’m wondering “what next? am i dead? is this the afterlife or what?”
then suddenly and surprisingly, my eyes open up, and i’m laying in bed. that’s it.
and the first thing i am is relieved, but the 2nd thing i am is SURPRISED that I actually came back as a person, my human self even! in my own bed, in my house. that is how profound it was, because to me there was no discontinuation from the dream, into reality, my eyes just opened and i didn’t know what to expect. i believed i had just died or was abducted by aliens. so i sat there and my eyes were just peeled wide open for 30 minutes, but the feeling that stuck with me was “renewment” . i felt that whatever happened to me, really happened to me, and whatever it was , the purpose was to refresh me, or renew me somehow.
later on i started to think about the purpose of aliens and UFOs, are we humans just an experiment? are we being prepared for the next (dimension of) life? are aliens just us humans from the future that are trying to save themselves? it made me question my whole life.
i have been questioning the validity of the experience because it happened in a dream, compared to other reports of abductions, but even after reading it over and feeling it all again, i cannot imagine a more real experience.

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