BBC Backstage launches…

Presented with limited comment, BBC Backstage launches in beta with a stated mission to open up BBC content feeds for the public to build things with. People can also share their ideas on new ways to use BBC content:

Backstage is part of the BBCís wider remit to “build public value” by sharing our content for others to use creatively. How do you “build public value”? One of the ways is through supporting innovation as the BBC Governors response to the Graf report of BBC online makes clear:

“The BBC will support social innovation by encouraging usersí efforts to build sites and projects that meet their needs and those of their communities … The BBC will also be committed to using open standards that will enable users to find and repurpose BBC content in more flexible ways”. aims to promote innovation amongst the design and developer community: if people are able to do interesting, productive things with the content then weíd like to support them. Finally and as a useful by-product of the above, is an opportunity to identify talent in the online community.