The New York Times can just sod right off…

Eurgh. I am so bored of following other people’s links to something on the New York Times and finding it all login-required and password-protected. I cannot be bothered any more. I. can. not. be. both. ered. So as of now I’m not going to link to them any more. And I’m not going to follow any link that goes to them. And I’m not going to engage in any debates they allegedly start behind their blanket of white. Can’t be arsed. Better things to do with my time. And before you start, I know all about this and I still don’t care.

4 replies on “The New York Times can just sod right off…”

After saying you don’t care about the link generator, I’m sure you won’t care about this, too, but there is also Bug Me Not.
Still more labourious than clicking on a link and actually being able to read things straight away…

Quite agree. Stopped linking to the NYT over a year ago. Got fed up of people telling me I had broken links. The trouble is, there are fewer and fewer media sites that provide permanent login-less content. The BBC, Guardian and New Scientist do well, but the final two are clearly heading towards mandatory logins.

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