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iTunes 4.9 is full of podcasts…

So iTunes 4.9 is out and includes all kinds of exciting support for podcasts. And with that support comes another way for you to get your greasy mitts on some of the stuff that the BBC has put out there so far for download – including interviews from Radio 4’s Today programme, Fighting Talk and In Business. At the moment – at least if you’re in the UK – the easiest way to find them is via the top podcasts box as featured in this image in Matt Jones photostream. US people will have to do a search, I’m afraid. But it’s worth it – if only for a regular dose of extraordinarily geek-friendly In Our Time.

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If you want geeky fun, I can recommend the Dr Karl Podcast from Triple J in Australia – it’s in the iTunes directory, go search for it.
Dr Karl is pretty famous in Australia, and his show on Triple J (the government funded “youth radio station” – like Radio 1, but with much, much better musical taste) allows the audience to call in and ask him to answer their scientific questions. Often these questions can be a bit left field, notably the caller asking “Why is my belly button lint blue?”, which led to Dr Karl conducting a survey, publishing his findings, and ultimately him winning an Ignoble Prize (which he accepted):
Highly, highly recommended.

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