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On reading the Semple interview, it’s a shame that 150 BBC employees are blogging but the BBC doesn’t want to have a page linking to them…

Long time reader, first time poster. Saw your call for an approximation of the meaning, so, with the disclaimer that I am a student of Japanese and only do a little Chinese on the side, I offer you the blurb:

flickr Title: The Digital Age Fortnightly: No. 108

According to a report by a company called Perseus published in April, the total number of blogs worldwide at the start of the year was 3.16 million; by year-end they reckon it will be 5.34 million. This is the year of the “Big Blog Explosion.” However, in the face of this ‘heatwave’, Taiwan at present still lacks [a presence] on this map of the world’s blogs.
It goes on, but it’s getting a little beyond me in places…

The bit by your picture is rather illegible, even at maximum resolution. I can make out that it says you work at the BBC and that you are an essayist. It also says that your blog is not quite the same as other blogs, but the bit after that is a bit too hard to make out (given that I am having to look words up). Anyway, finally it adds that you won a Bloggie for “Best British Blog.”

In the note on your name: is Tom Coates’ personal blog.

In this blog, Mr Coates’ honestly (for want of a better word) documents his life experiences and thoughts. A writer on technology (in/for?) media, human-machine and inter-person interactivity (?), his predictions are very much those of a specialist in the know. This blog has already won many awards, including the Bloggies 2005 award for “Best British Blog”.

Hope this helps.

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