A brief public "Thank You" to my friends…

I’d just like to say ‘Thank You’ to all the lovely people who came to celebrate my 33rd birthday with me last night at the awesome Back to Basics Seafood Restaurant in Fitzrovia last night. I had a lovely time and you’re all charming people and I look forward to seeing you all soon. Thanks again!

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doesn’t mean you can give your birthday cake away to someone else though does it..! >:-(

Happy birthday to you (33? thirty-three?)
Happy birthday to you (bloody hell, what was I doing when I was 33? database reorgs on a Bull mainframe, that’s what…)
Happy birthday, you young person (it’s wasted on the young, wasted)
Happy birthday to you (Happy birthday)

Matt – Tom could always celebrate his 33-and-a-third birthday and catch the absentees that way. It seems like far too few people celebrate reaching a third of a century these days (sorry if that scares you old chap, but it is quite the landmark).

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