Another bout of explosions in London…

Something new and bad is happening around London right now – apparently incidents have closed three tube stations, and Sky News has something about a guy with a rucksack that exploded, although there are no casualties currently reported. The standard attempt to get to in contact with friends and colleagues isn’t working because the mobile network is down for some reason. Keep getting pings from people on IM though.

3 replies on “Another bout of explosions in London…”

I’m dreadfully sorry to hear about the explosions.
I am triumphalist about this: Britons cannot be intimidated by cowards with covered faces.
UK is exactly the worst place to play sick little “terrorist” hit and run, or hit and die, games.
Blogs and the New Me Media, as reported in the Aug. 2005 issue of Readers Digest, p. 117, are big causes of spreading info anarchy, information wants to be free, as free as religious and political expression wish to be, and by God, they all, all, shall and will be free.
Nothing can stop the Universal Democracy and Free Thought Revolution glimpsed within, and symbolized by the internet.
I stand with London against cowards with covered faces, misanthropes with violent agendas, sacrificial losers speeding off to whatever now.

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