Explosions rock London's infrastructure…

I was in a meeting when the bombs went off – which it now looks like was the cause of the explosions that have been going off around buses and tube stations around the capital. At this moment in time, the best coverage is on TV and radio, although Londonist has good weblog-related coverage. So far there has been reports of explosions at King’s Cross, Moorgate, Aldgate East and Edgware Road tube stations and on a number of buses, although at the moment I don’t know much more than that. Here’s some coverage from BBC News, CNN and The Guardian. The Guardian’s News Blog looks pretty good for coverage too. There’s not a lot more that I can say at the moment, except that the timing with the G8 summit and the Olympics yesterday makes it look like a terrorist thing. Update: The BBC now has an overview section which I can recommend: BBC News on London Explosions.

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is it true there are 30 odd bodies being stored in Great Ormond Street’s underground car park?

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