London wins the Olympic bid…

Wow. There’s a surprise. London is hosting the 2012 Olympics! Who the hell expected that one!

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I did. The French were rude, the Russians were Russian, the Americans were remembered for those terrible piano players last time. Go London town.

Just to add to the chorus of smarty-pants, I did too…despite, I might add, having been involved with some of the planning-type stuff on it a year or two ago, which is enough to persuade the most hardy patriot of British incompetency…

Here’s someone who didn’t: “Four years ago, I thought with all the fiasco of the Dome, Wembley and Pickett’s Lock that we didn’t have a chance of winning this, but we’d get resources for London out of it” Cheers, Mr Mayor.

I am just happy that New York was eliminated. I do not even live there, but after reading about the controversy therein, I hoped it would never see the light of day.

It’s only in the last few months that I thought we would have a chance. A couple of years ago who would have thought it? By this morning I knew I would have been gutted if we hadn’t got it. Go London!

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