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That don’t click it thing, try it on a crappy old 867MHz Powerbook, like mine… Flash runs like an arthritic dog on my machine and trying to do anything with an interface like this is nigh on impossible. It took me several attempts to get the ‘mousewrap’ section opened. 10 frames a minute? Oh!

Oooh – I’m sure that Flickr thing would be really interesting (and good value too), but my limited budget does not extend to learning how to do things on a budget.
I guess the no-budget version of that is to wait and read attendees blogs after the event. 🙂

That Flickr thing looks really interesting, but £345 is taking the mick a bit if you’re a student working as a freelancer on web sites in your spare time. I wish you could get the survival kit CD separately.

The click free interface is a potentially interesting idea but really doesn’t work very well at all with a graphics tablet, I usually take my pen off the surface when I want to read something, this isn’t possible so I have to hold my hand perfectly still to read each bit. More irritatingly I occasionally click by mistake i.e. touch the pen to the tablet and to be booted out of the interface and for the whole thing to reset is incredibly frustrating (to put it mildly). It’s a shame they don’t provide a more conventional means of reading about their ideas. As it is the interface stops me from finding anything out about the reasons why they think this might be a good idea.

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