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apple is so cool. so well designed and all. i like mac mini because its so simple and cubish and small, and so amazingly cool and usable right out of the bow, like u said. i hate how everything good that they make is so much money…like the only good macs are the most expensive ones, with all the good stuff that make them so prestigous. and i cant spell…sorry.
it says 7:15 am but its really 11:15 pm for me here in loas angeles. that was vague. sorry tom.

In fact, all Macs are now usable out of the box. Nothing comes with less than 512mb memory; the new iBooks are scandalously bargainous, really.
How long did that take? Four years?

Of course, they’ve increased the price too for the benefits. Admitted £29 more for 512MB of RAM and Airport/etc is a good deal, but since I rip out the 512 and put a 1GB in and don’t need Airport on a desktop machine.. hmm.. 🙂 Still, it’s all good.

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