On the DVD release of Alexander…

I keep seeing adverts for the DVD of Alexander and they keep using the words, “action-packed” and “a new version” and “director’s cut”, and all I hear is, “now with less gay stuff”. I haven’t seen it yet of course, so I might be being unfair. I wrote a note about the reaction at the time called On Alexander and Uncle Tom, if you’re interested…

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That sucks. Don’t tell me they pulled a Fried Green Tomatos on it.
Alexander the Great was the only guy to have world domination on his resume.
You should check out Reign: The Conqueror the korean/Japanese animated series about Alexander in a surreal world. I love it.

Working at a large chain of dvd retailers in the UK i can tell you one important thing. The Vanilla edition of the dvd has the words, and I am quoting exactly here, “As Seen in Cinemas” on the front cover in big letters. It’s cover also alluds to the Lord of the Rings layout of stacked heads merged together, coloured in earthy tones. The least inspiring and cheap packaging I have ever seen on a major films’ dvd.
Yes, this film will still suck whatever the film company does to it.

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