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In regard to your comments on the “mighty mouse”, I have bought one. I think a large portion of your comments about the mighty mouse apply to the MAC mouse in general. The mighty mouse is exactly the same size as the wireless apple mouse, which is the same as the USB version. If you are not used to the shape, then I can understand how you might find it odd and it does take a bit of getting used to. However, I think it’s generally unfair to comment on the mighty mouse with that as a foundation. It is what is added to the top of that base that is what is new to the mouse, and from that point of view, I think that the new mouse is a great improvement. I agree with your point about the two side buttons. If you use your thumb and your ring finger to press those buttons, there is something very unnatural about that, and the ring finger lacks that sort of strength. I have found it move natural to pull my hand back and use my thumb and index finger, and from an RSI point of view, it is probably good to make that sort of change of hand position from time to time. As a Windows/Intel user at work and and a G5 and G4 powerbook user at home, I am used to changing from one environment to another and the little track point type button at the top of the mouse reminds me of the track point device invented by IBM on its laptops.
Generally I find the mouse very good. The top button will scroll faster of slower on the pressure and length of your finger stroke and it is pretty good. I did play with the sensitivity settings in the mouse preferences, and found what I liked. Did you try that?
I like your website. Your links are great. It is an insight into your interesting and curious mind. Thanks!

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