A moment of resignation…

Lots of things going on in blogland that are worth talking about. Sometimes though I wonder whether it’s just better to stand back and be quiet. Familiar fights, old arguments, new people to have them with. Old battles still worth fighting, but I may not be the person to do it.

3 replies on “A moment of resignation…”

And you are being delibaretly obfuscatory about these “familiar fights, old arguments” why? Come on, out with it – we don’t ALL follow EVERY argument, only 24 hours in the day 😉

It’s an open secret – Wonkette has a contract out on Kos, but Juan Cole isn’t happy. Meanwhile, the Republic of LGF has launched a full-scale assault against John Gruber for suggesting that that Dell thing was a bit crap. They get a lot of AdWords off Dell, you know. Stay tuned!

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