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Yes, the Dell MP3 player does look dreadful, but there are plenty of other nice-looking MP3 players. Here are links to images of few models I rather like design-wise (yes, more so than the iPod and iPod Shuffle)
Cowon iAudio U2
Rio Carbon

Ooh – that MPIO is tiny and shiny… Still, you’ve got to ask – does it come from Apple? No? Thought not.
A bit back, writing (FWIW) about IBM’s iSeries servers, I argued that products like the iPod demonstrate that there’s a market for technically superior products with an inflated price tag, just as long as they’re marketed to death. (So that would be two out of three for the iSeries.) The story of Apple, in the i-era, has been the story of highly effective marketing in the service of highly marketable design. It’s a difficult combination to beat; the MPIO might be a fine bit of kit, but its mindshare is non-existent.

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