Help me decide what to write about…

I have an almost impossible amount of stuff to do this weekend, and a good block of them involve writing things for this site, and it’s already eight o’clock on Saturday evening. I don’t know where the time goes. I want to talk about my trip into the heart of government a week and a half ago (Andy Budd wrote a lot about it) and I want to talk about going to Our Social World a week ago and what I thought of that. And I want to put the presentations I did at each of them online in some form. I also want to remind people to get their ETech proposals in by Monday. That one’s very very important. There’s another post I really want to write about Microformats, and yet more about replacing controlled vocabularies with URL clouds, using pre-existing semantic structures to navigate around tagged content, and conceptual page-rank following on from Mr Biddulph’s post from the other day. And I have about a billion links to post – in varying levels of detail. And there’s at least one really big thing that I need to talk about that I’m not quite ready for yet. Oh and I really want to talk about the web-like qualities of Guardian redesign as well.

I genuinely have no idea where to start. I feel like I need a month off work to get everything out of my head and somewhere more useful. So in the absence of any discrimination from my side, and with absolutely no commitment from my side to actually write about any of the things above, what would be most interesting to you guys? I don’t really agree with the idea of a weblog having an audience, but I do believe in the idea of it being my voice in a community of peers. So what do you want to hear about?

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Write about the new guardian redesign, and its web qualities. Boy, have the other newspapers got some catching up to do now..
PS.. buy the guardian on thursday and get a really good technology section. It covers all the things you’d usually find online, plus a whole lot more, its really great.

OSW, the Guardian and URL clouds, in that order. (And I was interested – and puzzled, to be honest – by the way Shelley Powers’ comment on OSW got under your skin, but maybe it’s not time to write about that.)

Blogging and politics, I’m afraid. Web-like qualities of the Guardian – well, I noticed that too and am perfectly content in my own ability to comment on a home page driving the reader further into the publication rather than placing it all above the fold, and that as you shrink page size, you have to more aggressively direct the reader, etc etc etc. Our Social World: not so interested in “another blogging conference” but have no doubt whatsoever you’ll have some interesting stuff to say on the experience.
Microformats and controlled vocabularies: would be very very interested to read more, if only to act as guidance. Etcon: don’t worry, hadn’t forgotten, am in the midst of writing something up.
But blogging and poltiics crosses over with “work” in important ways, and I’ve read Andy’s side of things so would be most interested to see yours. And your PDF of your Keynote slides.
I suspect I am in a minority.

Write about your trip into the heart of Government, because it sounds interesting and a little bit different, but mostly because I was there and I want the chance to be offended that you do not remember my insightful questions and/or inane badgering.

I would like to hear about replacing controlled vocabularies with URL clouds, using pre-existing semantic structures to navigate around tagged content, and conceptual page-rank. These topics seem to be shaking a lot of people up on the web at the moment.

…aaand it’s Monday. Oh well.
Haven’t blogged in weeks, myself. Anyone interested in a participant’s account of the Association for Survey Computing’s “Maximising Data Value” conference?

Microformats, then theguardian. What would you like me to write about? (Just trying to get some discussion going. On second thoughts though, you can probably do without having more to do.)

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