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I’ve been following the Brokeback Mountain coverage with some interest, ever since the first “Ang Lee nervous about The Gay” news story, followed by “Heath Ledger breaks Jake Gyllenhaal’s nose during a kissing scene”, “Two men herding sheep is far more sexual than two men having sex on screen”, “Making out with Jake was the scariest thing ever”, “It’s a beautiful love story” and “Q: How many sex scenes are in it? – Ledger: I mean, look, there’s enough.”
The last thing I’ve read was a pre-screening review that was *gushing* about both the cinematography and the romance, so I’m vaguely hopeful that it won’t suck. Plus, those couple of scenes in the tent look damn hot.
(A ‘Celluloid Closet, pt. 2′ in five years from now might be interesting. Someone should be persuaded to do it.)

> Game interfaces are up for experimentation
> for the first time in years and it’s all
> nintendo’s fault…
Um, Eyetoy? Singstar? Dancemats? All PS2 originally, IIRC…

Been reading your blog for some time (can’t quite remember how I found it). In any case I had always considered you a “total stranger” but as it happens through your Flickr link in this post I was able to do my own little 6-degrees of separation and discover that:
TomC (you) -> PaulH -> RussB -> DaveS (me)
It appears that when it comes to people involved with RaW and the BBC it is indeed a small world.
Well perhaps one day we’ll all be at a party and I’ll meet you. Until then, I’ll keep reading your entertaining blog. Cheers!

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