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Reading the Wikipedia article on falifiability I couldn’t help but think that it seems a bit woolly. Is ‘falsifiability’ itself falsifiable – is it a principle or an ideology? It reminds me of the sort of knots produced by applying relativism (post-modernist anti-‘meta narrative’ politics etc.) to itself – which reveal the sort of insubstantial or impractical nature of the debate, from both sides. Innit?
Also, I can’t help but agree with the physists etc. quoted saying “This just isn’t how science works”. Finally – shouldn’t Intelligent Design should be fought on much less sophisticated (less alientating) grounds? It’s not hard to prove ID to be boll*cks, but the fight does require stamina and patience and repetitions of reasons why there aren’t fossils at certain times blahdeblahdeblah.
BTW, I was at your Govt. e-Comms thing the other day – enjoyed it v. much, so I thought I’d pay a visit here. I might e-chunter on to you at some point soon with regard to propriety and ethics, and what the Civil Service code means we can and can’t, and indeed shouldn’t, do – even in the name of greater engagement with the public. I think there are other, less contentious ways to engage that I will relentlessly blether about too. I’m looking forward to that and I shall presume that you can hardly stand the wait either.

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