Links for 2005-09-21

  • ce matin un lapin So I never have to search for it again – a classic flash cartoon from the depths of internet history!
  • Ja Da Another one from the archive – and classic late-Friday afternoon UpMyStreet fodder too, from before I worked at b3ta
  • Apple head attacks record firms “Greedy” record companies are pushing for an increase in the price of music downloads, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs has said.

5 replies on “Links for 2005-09-21”

You lying shit you never worked at b3ta. Now pass me another bottle of plonk like a good little runner and fuck off!

Have you thought about updating your Wikipedia entry to take account of your time at b3ta? I imagine it’s the most successful thing you’ve been part of, so it seems a shame not to shout about it a little more.

Well no – it was a tiny tiny job for three months working with the b3ta people on a parallel project that was never terribly successful. It was enormous fun, but I didn’t really do much for b3ta itself except hang out with them, colour in the odd crab with felt-tips, suggest celebrities to glue onto Flash games and have fags with Rob (and cakes with Cal). B3ta’s success is well-deserved but I don’t want to take any credit for it.

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