Links for 2005-11-09

  • Public could help BBC to index archive “Inspired by Flickr and Wikipedia, the project is a private, early-stage pilot of social software produced at BBC Radio and Music Interactive that lets listeners slice programmes into chunks that can be identified by using tags.”
  • Barbelith discusses “The Psychology Of Trolling” My community are so cool – and sometimes it’s great to remember how many skilled professionals are on the board – including mental health workers – who can really give an interesting perspective to these questions…
  • Fern Kinney – as written up by Wikipedia Currently I’m mostly in love with the song, “Together we are Beautiful” by the lovely Fern, which apparently charted at number 1 in the UK but disappeared without trace in the US
  • Front Row – as installed on the Apple iMac G5 So I had a play with this the other day in the Apple store and it’s pretty bloody sweet frankly. I’m going to need this in my flat…

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