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My song of the month…

You take one week not paying attention to the web and all kinds of weird things happen. Damn you World of Warcraft. Damn you to hell! The consequence of this is that I’m going to post a huge linklog thing over the next couple of days, plus a whole range of much much smaller observances than normal – as I just try and get as much stuff out of my system as I can.

First up – something I almost never do on – I want to plug a song. Specifically I want to plug the single Number 1 from the Goldfrapp album Supernature. It came out on Monday and I really wanted to encourage everyone to go and listen to it then, but I got distracted by the evidently more pressing Murloc-killing that my Warlock just had to accomplish in order to level-up within a satisfactory timescale.

Anyway, if you play the song loud enough through sufficiently bassy headphones, the pounding bass is enough to put a spring in the step of even the most jaded old grump. Somewhere between glam rock and Depeche Mode – with a video full of dog faced ladies and plastic surgery – I can’t really see how you can go wrong.

And of course – as ever – if you want to know what else I’ve been listening to, you can explore my weekly charts on Last week ( Oct 23 to Oct 30, 2005 ) features a surprise re-entry for Fern Kinney’s “Together we are beautiful” after approximately thirty years out of the public eye. Thrilling stuff.

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Gosh, i found the new album a bit disappointing, though there are some strong tracks on it, like You Never Know, Koko. I guess it’s typically British of you to prefer Ooh La La, White Horse and #1… they all have this sort of punter-quality, not very sophisticated. Nice photo though… at lastfm.

Well of course not everyone has the same taste, so your mileage may vary. I’m a little disappointed in your comment about my unsophisticated taste being typically British. For a start, I don’t think I agree with your assessment of the tracks, secondly I don’t think that the British musical taste is particularly unsophisticated – in fact quite the opposite – and thirdly the previous week I’d been listening to Koko all the time and loved it and only gradually came to like Number 1 which I now much prefer! But hey… You don’t have to agree, I guess…

Number 1 just doesn’t do it for me. I’m disappointed they’ve wasted Satin Chic as a b-side for this single.
Bring on Ride A White Horse – single number 3. Chilling and full of insane lyrics. Hurrah.

ooh a Goldfrappage, you cant go wrong! I’m going to see them in Feb which should be quite nice.
The previous album Black Cherry is well worth a look, don’t know if you’ll like their first one it’s a bit, er different.

I kinda preferred Felt Mountain to Black Cherry. Hearing the first few seconds for the first time was an experience.
For reference, I’m 40 and not gay, but probably don’t fancy Alison.

Like some commenters, I was initially disappointed by the album, compared to the sophisticated beauty of the previous two. However, as Goldfrapp themselves have said, this is an album to be performed live, and having seen them recently I can vouch for this in spades. Live, the throbbing bass of these tracks is infectious. Goldfrapp rock! belive it! Turn it up people. Let your hair right down.

By the way, notice how the image has been cut next to the hand and boob, I have a sexy slipcase that shows the full image with the hand detached from the body. Very odd

Like many i was switched onto Goldfrapp through the use of their music on Monkey Dust…I too have to say I prefer this older stuff. The new album seems a bit more crowdpleasing, but fair play to them for that. Alison clearly has a *lot* of lipgloss to pay for.
Aside: I was just listening to the track Ooh La La (sadly not a cover my favourite Faces track) – and hello! Spirit in the Sky anyone?
Aside 2: yes, LastFm – very interesting. I’m surprised people are so willing to expose their musical taste to the masses. Like religion or political affiliation, people are inclined to make sweeping judgements on a person’s character based on the music they listen to. I too however was compelled to become one of the Audioscrobbled masses. Not sure why yet…I seem to have little in common with my neighbours. I feel like…Albania, for want of a better comparison…

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