Bay Area, here I come…

Right then. This is a short post because I’ve got to set up a printer, do my washing, pack, pay my rent, package up a couple of letters, find all my dodgy peripherals, set alarms and clean up and stuff, but for those of you who are interested, I’ll be in the Bay Area for the next couple of weeks on work-related stuff (visiting the mothership). I don’t imagine I’ll have an enormous amount of time, but I just thought I’d let people know so they could ping me and we could try and work something out.

Which reminds me. I’m looking for someone better at Latin than I to write a convincing motto that goes something like “Honour and Fun”, for a completely personal project that I don’t have time to implement. Anyone up to the challenge?

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The quick and easy path would be honor et ludus — but do you want something quite so transparent?
You could opt for a Greek motto, which might be timê kai heortê, τιμή καὶ ἑορτή.

I’m Italian and studied latin at school … too many years ago 🙁
Ludus literally means “game” (“ludicus” means playful), while gaudium is “happiness, delight”, so I prefer the second term as more similar to the meaning of fun (but still not perfectly similar).
I don’t know what you want exactly to mean with “honour”, but if you do mean dignity, it’s better “dignitas”
If you highlight us better about the context of the personal project, I can probably be more helpful.

The other classicists have done a much better job than I could, so I’ll limit myself to just welcoming you to the area and offering my services if you need local eating or kniepp establishments recommended.

How about acroamae, meaning “entertainments”? Has an especially (but not, I’m assured) exclusively musical tinge to it. You’re getting all these different suggestions ‘cos it doesn’t translate directly.
Taking a guess at what this would mean in a web project sense, I think you may want honestas (honour, repute) or reverentia (respect).
Beyond that just choose an order and stick “et” in the middle as if it were French, and Robertus patruus est.

I’d recommend adding ‘pro’ (=for) to the front of whatever Latin you choose. My two suggestions are “Pro decore et ridiculo” or “Pro decore et felicitate”.

If you’re coming to San Francisco, bring your umbrella. And some fog lights for your shoes.
You helped me out on a project once at the BBC – something to do with innovation and society…can’t really remember…
So you’ve left the BBC too? Less time to blog now maybe?!

I think ‘gaudium’ is by far the best option for ‘fun’. For ‘honour’, how about ‘virtus’? Which would give you either
Virtus et gaudium
Pro virtute et gaudio
(‘Pro virtute gaudioque’?)
Shameless thread hijack: it struck me some years ago that one of my favourite song lyrics would make a nicely terse Latin motto –
Mens curriens ut semper
But is ‘curriens’ right for ‘racing’? And is ‘semper’ enough, or do I need to specify the tense explicitly – ‘ut semper futura’? Mentes inquirientes scire volent, ut dicunt.

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Welcom to SF! If you’ve got some free time, you should come visit the original mothership, just down the street…
Word is you’re a weblogging superstar and along those lines, I suppose that means I’ll need to get your autograph 😉
But seriously, stop by for lunch sometime before you head back across the Atlantic.

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