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I first saw the Scaryideas cartoon when I was working in IT, which dates it to 1995 at the latest. I think it’s worn well, except that – from talking to developers I’ve kept in touch with – vastly more attention is paid to formal procedures these days, to the point where adherence to procedures is the principal metric on which people are managed (ahead of anything relating to an end product, for instance). It makes a certain kind of sense – interchangeable ‘resources’ are easier to manage, and the more closely everyone follows the procedures, the more interchangeable they’ll be – but it doesn’t make for the most life-enhancing environment.

Regarding Onlife:
Haven’t tried it yet – but doesn’t Spotlight (OS X Tiger) kind of nullify the cross-application indexing feature?
And isn’t that the most useful feature?
Keep it plain-text and use grep i say.

No no – the main benefit is the complete day by day record of sites you’ve visited, songs you’ve played and documents you’ve had open. That stuff is so cool, it’s untrue. Have a play!

You don’t use an alarm clock? Does it not matter what time you get up or something?
I catch a train and I have a time I need to be in work. I don’t think counting round the clock before going to sleep is going to stop me sleeping 5 minutes too long (my body could use the sleep!).

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