In praise of chocolate business cards…

Earlier this year I went to State of Play III and I always meant to write up what happened there, but I never had time. Too easily distracted by shiny new things and by the confusion of switching jobs and trying to make sense of Yahoo and worrying about things and playing a little too much World of Warcraft (European servers / Dendrassil / Pentheus or Andromache – should you want to say hello).

Well don’t think for one moment that any of that confusion has changed, or that I suddenly have enormously more time, because I don’t. And this is simply another post in the ‘any movement is good movement’ attempt to unclog my weblogging self. So what I’m going to talk about instead is the really cool chocolate business card that Kenyon & Kenyon gave out in the goodie-bags, which I’ve just rediscovered, photographed and then promptly eaten. The chocolate was at the better end of American shop confectionary, but not enormously good. But it was free, and it sure as hell made me remember the company. Maybe you could make business cards out of pressed ¬£50 bills or something. That would probably rock a little more. But not much…

Addendum: (Added Thursday January 5th 2006): I’ve just got an e-mail from Justin Blanton who did an internship with Kenyon last summer and says that for Christmas 2004 they got given a huge slab of chocolate decorated with a picture of their New York offices on the front. You can see the beautiful object here: Kenyon Christmas Chocolate.

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Hi, just to let you know that those chocolate business cards and personalized chocolate greeting cards are available in the UK and the chocolate is just divine.
These scrumptious personalized chocolate greeting cards are the ideal present for any occasion and usually ready within 2/3 days from order
E-mail your favorite picture and greeting and it will be printed directly on a top quality chocolate bar using specially formulated edible inks.
They measure 19.4 cm x 12.5 cm and are available in plain, milk or white chocolate
Each is attractively packaged in a presentation box ready for you to impress.
For more information please visit

You ought to be able to do this by having your artwork put out as a flexography plate. This is a plate of rubbery stuff where what you are wanting to print stands up in relief – a bit like a rubber stamp. It is used for low to medium resolution printing – things like cereal packets use it. The plate will have enough relief to make a visible pattern when used as a chocolate mould.

It won’t be as deep as your example. If you are feeling hardcore, 1 am sure an old Linotype typsetting machine should be able to work with chocolate.

I collect business cards. This would be a great one for my collection.
If you would send me please. TO: John Puckett 2841 N.E 13th Dr. Gainesville FL. 32609
PH# 352-378-4519

Hi there!
I just happened to run across your page and I am actually the sales rep for Kenyon & Kenyon. I work at a company called Totally Chocolate and would love to send you additional chocolate samples to taste, etc. Please call our company 800-255-5506 or check out our website at if you are interested.
All our chocolates are 100% belgian and we do have our own patented system to engraving the chocolates.
So glad you enjoyed the Kenyon & Kenyon bar! 🙂

oh my god how cool my last name is kenyon and too have something asociated with my name is really cool just thougth i would tell you lv lizzy

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