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For those who are curious to know, “The Internet is for Porn” is from the musical Avenue Q. You can see it on Broadway and in Las Vegas right now.

Of course the US Government has an interest in the use of showers: there’s already battle lines being drawn in some parts of the world over water consumption, and it’s only going to get worse.
At least most US water is metered (as the article mentions in passing), and use of water in showers is pretty insignificant compared to, say, car-washing or those ornamental fountains, but I still think governments have the right (and often are right) to try and limit the (mis)use of water.

Paul, domestic use of water isn’t the problem, even in the water-wasting US. Nearly 48% of water in the US is used for thermoelectric power generation – so cutting use of electricity would be the best possible thing for cutting use of water, not metering it for domestic consumers.
Even discounting use for power generation, domestic customers aren’t the worst culprits: that’s irrigation, which uses up 65% of the remaining water after accounting for power generation.
All figures are for 2000, by the way, the most recent ones from the US Geological Survey (

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