Potentially embarrassing TV appearance!

I’m a bit nervous about mentioning this here (just in case I look like a complete idiot) but for those of you that are interested, I’m probably going to be on Sky News this evening very briefly talking about weblogs and why they’re cool and all that jazz. Look for me around 5.45pm if you’re near a TV, and send me supportive thoughts otherwise I’ll cave with nerves.

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Don’t worry Tom, I’ll go easy on you.
We’re just keen to learn more about the wonderful world of blogs from a Master of the Blogosphere like yourself.
See you at 5.45 p.m.

I have to continually remind myself how few people actually know what a blog is – even now!
Good luck!

Just try not to think about the millions and millions of people watching your every move and listening to every word and just waiting for you to mess up. Sorry, couldn’t help myself 🙂 If you talk anything like you write you’ll be fine!

Hey Tom, nice job. I thought you came across really well. Shame they only have you three minutes, though. I mean, did they really need to spend do much time on the stunt man catapult thing?

Ha ha ha. I’ve just had an amazing conversation with my Dad. Guess what it was about.
Dad: There was a bloke on television earlier. He was supposed to be the top man in weblogs or blogs.
Me: Really?
Dad: Tom someday … erm …
Me: Tom Reynolds?
Dad: No. Tom …
Me: Tom Coates?
Dad points at me and smiles.
Dad: And he was talking about someone whose blog he likes. Someone who’s apparently very … everybody reads.
Me: Jason Kottke?
Dad points at me again and smiles.
Dad: He said he thought he was a good one.
Me: Well everybody reads him. It’s a habit. He’s the guy who was able to give up his job and support himself by blogging fulltime.
Dad raises his eyebrows.
(sorry I missed it)

Not to worry.
As long as you don’t start purring like George Galloway and start licking your whiskers, you’
ll do just fine.

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