Links for 2006-01-19

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No even a reply on my comments for changing the title of your round up of links Tom?
Does anyone else think the title ‘links for …’ is descriptive enough to stand out in a newsreader’s list of RSS feeds?

Obviously Tom can speak for himself, but I know that he uses the same service as I do on my own blog — it’s an automated posting from, and the post title is set by them.
As for iLife — the packaging’s just a bit ‘meh’, really. Given the reduced form factor, to CD size, I would have thought a less ‘busy’ image would have stood out on the shelves more.
But then, I guess that the shelf product doesn’t actually make all that much of the overall marketing campaign. The Apple site plays a far bigger role in that, and in that respect, iLife ’06 rocks.

An automated posting, devoid of human intervention, which is then distributed around the world as your latest entry? Brrrr.
Wonder if you can customise the feed title?

Well I don’t really understand your anxiety there – I write every post carefully, it’s just that instead of me aggregating them together and sticking them in my weblog, a piece of software does that bit. Just like before weblogs came along I’d have to go and write each entry as a separate HTML page and put it up online.

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