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I unabashedly admit to not getting egosurf at all. Or the whole Cruise/Holmes thing.
Love the ferrofluid, though ‚Äì spotted some of these a while ago and couldn’t get enough of the videos.

I really don’t get how we should restrict technology to fit a business model — doesn’t it make more business sense to have a model that fits in with user expectations, rather than fighting them?
At least in the UK, programme producers seem to be aware of that and are looking at ways in which their revenue models can not only adapt to the technology changes happening now, but can be flexible enough to hopefully adapt to whatever changes the future may bring.

And social software for you is about joining a company that serves up Chinese dissidents for imprisonment?
Give me the RSS conflation anyday.Less blood.

Hey Tom.
My Slanket just arrived in the UK! They absolutely rock!!
More importantly, the customer service was outstanding – a hand-written note with my order? Why not? I’m sooooo impressed
It is worth every penny of the (quite pricey) shipping – just for the feeling that I am “special” to them….. superb… just superb….

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