On the clumsy milking of mass amateurisation…


It’s reading all this processed text that gets me so backed-up, I’m sure. I need a webloggic irrigation to get the flow back. But at the moment, every scant fragment is a movement in the right direction, so I’m going to start with this little tiny observation. I’ve talked before about mass amateurisation and how larger companies are spotting the creative activity that’s bubbling up from the newly empowered masses. Sometimes, of course, these larger companies don’t always operate as scrupulously as they might. So I was out the other day with Mo Morgan and his lovely lady, and we spotted this in a highly-designed expensive-looking shop called Carbon 28 on Neal Street in London:

It’s fairly entertaining, I suppose – there’s something about Princess Leia holographic projectors in there and light sabres and bionic eyes. It’s just a shame it’s a reworking of the rather well-known, rather funnier and rather better printed shirt on Threadless. Now I don’t think there’s anything illegal about this – the two shirts are different enough from one another, and you could probably even argue that the Carbon28 t-shirt is a parody of the Threadless one. But it’s… disappointing… you know? Cheap. Clumsy. Inarticulate, inelegant and tawdry. We should be doing better by each other.