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A visual representation of my Carson talk…

Tom Coates, Yahoo: Designing Web 2.0-native Products for Fun and Profit

By way of an attempt to get slightly more on topic for a moment, I thought I should probably link through to this awesome mindmap representation of my Carson talk that Larsz put up on Flickr the day after the summit. He’s done one for the other talks too, and they’re pretty good summaries. More of this stuff, please, internet! Ways of quickly digesting information without having to attend talk are always good. More specifically, if you could find a way of getting me summaries of my talks before I’ve written them that would help an enormous amount!

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[…] summaries of my talks before I’ve written them […]” – now that would be a true mind map. Maybe worth an experiment.
Thanks for the kind words.

Lars, if you’d like to practice your precognitive mindmapping skills, I’m going to be giving two talks on Thursday and one on Friday, on Social Software, The Future Of The Internet, and Government and Privacy. Feel free to write summaries and email them over any time you like…

The Mindmap thing is a great concept that I should try and get my head around but there was a throwaway line in your original post that struck a chord with me.
More of this stuff, please, internet!
You may have been talking specifically about Mindmaps here but I read it as other people taking an idea and doing new things with it.
I heard a talk by the creators of Perplex City (?) a few weeks ago and they mentioned how players of the game create all sorts of new apps, sites and pages to help progress the game meaning that the creators don’t have to.
An example they gave (and sorry about the legnth of this comment) was one using the Google Maps API – they sell actual playing cards to get into the game and the cards have a square of the Perplex City virtual map on the back.
A group of users scanned them in and created a Google Map of Perplex City – now THAT is what makes the ‘new’ internet so great.

Long time reader, first time commentor. Greetings from Detroit. Mind map IS an amazing tool. I love the export to Word function – it makes the trogladytes (sp?) swoon at my job (technical writer).
I liked that line too; “More of this stuff, please, internet!” Catchy…byline grade pith.

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