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An update from Nordrassil…

The weirdest thing about my weblog is that I rarely write about what I’m doing at work, and normally write about the stuff that’s going on in the wider web and that I’m up to in my spare time. Except that at the moment I’m pretty much only doing three things – trying to catch up on my e-mail and get organised for a long upcoming business trip, getting my head around Yahoo! and playing World of Warcraft. So I was thinking maybe I should be telling you what I’ve been up to in-game… I can’t imagine that would be an enormously fascinating read, but it does occupy a fair amount of my spare time. Maybe it’s not such a great idea…

Well, just in case you care – this is Pentheus (Level 43, Human Warlock), who is currently down in Stanglethorn Vale (Nordrassil shard) dealing with pirates and trying to get crystals out of Basilisk corpses. He’s recently managed to become an Artisan Cook and Enchanter, and has secured a flaming Felsteed as a mount. He’s now trying to get enough stuff together to improve his tailoring skill and has his heart set on a Soul Shard bag. He currently looks like a bit of an idiot, but the hat’s got a certain amount of dirty power to it, so what can you do.

Meanwhile, Andromache (my Level 8, Human Priest) is roaming around the icy wastelands around Ironforge, looking for herbs and trying to avoid getting stomped on by wolves. She’s spent much of her time so far sitting in Stormwind by the Auction House waiting for materials sent in by the internal mail from Pentheus to trade, but has recently decided to strike out on her own. Good on you, girl!

Both are members of the understated guild known as The Union, should you care even the slighest bit. Please feel free to say hello if you’re roaming around and happen to stumble upon one of them roaming around the place. In the meantime, I’m afraid the weblog will continue to suffer being the unfortunate third in my life to my two main masters – work and killing stuff for swag. I wish I could post automatic monthly progress reports to my site from the game. That would rock. Also my monthly favourite songs from Then I’d barely have to write anything at all…

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Mmn. This is where Blizzard could have learned from Bungie (and what they did with Halo 2) – namely, spitting out statistics in RSS feeds for other people to gobble.
I’ve started a re-code of that Halo 2 stat parser I showed you a year ago, incidentally. Currently got a lovely Ruby class that maps to games; the next job is to get a Rails app up and running that will dump games to a database for the real fun to begin.

Oh man I feel so much less ashamed now. I’ll have to show this to my fiancee: “See honey, well-respected industry professionals get sucked in too!”
Before I played I couldn’t figure out what the big deal was. The multiplayer aspect of it still isn’t what sucks me in. It’s fun to join a group every now and then, but what really gets me is the scope of the whole thing. I spend a weekend wandering around one enormous and impressively detailed environment and still haven’t cracked the surface of what’s there to explore.
I’m playing a level 19 dwarf hunter in Loch Modan. My main is a level 25 human designer, but I haven’t been leveling him lately.

Sorry – I should have made that clearer – I’m on Nordrassil, as in the title of the post… Disappointingly enough, if you’re using the US version of the game you won’t be able to see it…

Oddly enough, I just deleted my level 60 warrior last night, and cancelled my account for good.
The ride from 1 to 60 was great fun. The destination (or continuation of the ride) at 60 was.. bleh. Instance runs over and over and over for equipment. Why? So I have good equipment so I can run a 40 man instance over and over.
Too much timesink, not enough fun.

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