Hey dude!

Just a quick hello to the guy at the Square Apple shop on New Oxford Street, and a quick apology to everyone else for being completely off the radar – work’s kind of eaten my soul a little bit right about now. Hopefully I’ll get some time over the weekend to slack off a bit.

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Wow, look at me. I was as giddy as a school girl when you stuck that cameraphone in front of me.
And oh my god: now dooce has seen me, too!
I’m such a blogger fanboy.
I’ll be as high as a kite for the rest of the week.

was that at square?
the girl who used to work there (red hair, grey eyes) was super-hot in a nerdy sort of way.

“work’s kind of eaten my soul a little bit right about now”
How can someone who works for Yahoo have a soul?

Kuching City desperately needs an Apple Store! It’s criminal to look bored in an Apple Store, customers or staff. So the dude is smiling appropriately… kudos. Keep the facial muscles taut and tight. Just think how lucky you guys are!

i was just in boots, buying some toothpaste, and who should be in front of me in the line, but mia. i didn’t realise who she was until she turned and walked off.
err, i’m not stalking you or anything.
not in boots, anyway.

I’m famous now?
I should take this opportunity to promote myself somehow.
So, I’m 26, Australian, living in London. I have an interest in web development, am keen and mildly talented and would really love a junior role somewhere related to that, even if it involves making the tea.
I’m into music from Iceland… I’m a Gemini/Cancer cuspian… I like rainy days and movies… -ahem-

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