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That Pink video pissed me off ‚Äì she still dressed up in skimpy clothes and writhed about on soapy cars, but it was OK because she was being ironic or whatever. It all seems a bit cold and calculating for me, just like that time she turned from hip-hop-party-track-meister to grunge princess with the “ooh, feel my pain” schtick…

Exactly my point. It’s only fashionable criticism as shallow as the people Pink, or her managers, are talking about. And all the while the average guy still sits down for this to watch three minutes of T&A. Well. This is the toughest that popmusic brings us in 2006. It’s all a sign of the times. We’re getting ooooold.

D. Futterman is mysteriously able to portray homosexualists, and write about them, while also being married to a woman. Mysteriously? Did I mean tantalizingly?
Gotta love Urbania.

Dr. McNinja – “He’s an Irish Ninja whose parents are ashamed of him because he became a ninja instead of joining the Yakuza. What’s not to like?!”
Almost. It’s a bit more like this:
“He’s an Irish Ninja whose parents are ashamed of him because he became a doctor instead of joining the Yakuza/CIA/’League of Shadows’. What’s not to like?!”

That Mekwa thing is very interesting. The tamagotchi metaphor is great, except that instead of a baby it’s more like a young adult with a sense of adventure and a short attention span.
If it’s tied to a mobile phone number, however, what happens if you lose your phone and/or have to change your number?

It’s not like he’s responsible for every decision the executives take, but anyway,
You’ve never visited and given them ad revenues? Or mailed anyone with a Yahoo account? Yes? Shame on you.
What pressure can you put from the outside anyway? I would join Yahoo in China if I wanted to make a difference, or make friends with the executives – the horror.
Just my opinion, anyway.

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